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Choose. Change. Сombines!

Every year, since 2002, the European Mobility Week is organised from 16 to 22 September and is dedicated to sustainable mobility. The campaign is accompanied by a one-day event called “In town, without my car”.

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European Mobility Week in Lviv. Summary

This year European Mobility Week (EMW) in Lviv was held for the sixth time on September 16-22. The theme of the European Mobility Week 2015 was Choose. Change. Combine. This year’s theme of multimodality encourages people to think about the range of available transport opportunities and to choose the right kind of transportation for each trip. Combining means of transportation often leads to a faster and more enjoyable journey.
EMW in Lviv was supported by the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH.

On Wednesday September 16 th EMW began with Street lectures, organized jointly with the Urban Studies. The event was held in the courtyard of the Museum of Ideas. For over 4 days, until September 26  lectures and workshops were conducted. Every day lecturers talked about a different type of sustainable mobility. The first day was dedicated to pedestrians, the second day – to cycling, the third – public transport and fourth  – electric cars and responsible way of using them. Lecturers are renowned experts in each of the themes in Lviv, and Kyiv.

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Also on September 16 was the screening ofBike vs Cars film at Lviv Arts Palace. The film is also called a cycling film of the decade, which tells the story of the confrontation between two worldviews  in transport priorities - cars and bikes. This film was shown for the third time in Lviv, but for the first time  with Ukrainian dubbing. After the screening we had a discussion about the transport situation in Lviv and in Ukraine in general.

Вело проти Авто12031392_1070701036273804_1420164857649753549_o
On Thursday, September 17, was held an Autumn Bike to Work Day, which takes place every season together with other cities of Ukraine. On this day people were called to go to work by bike and come for a cycling breakfast on Rynok Sq. near the Neptune fountain. Cyclists gathered in certain places at various points around the city and with organized columns arrived for breakfast to the city center, after which everybody dispersed to work.
Велосипедом на роботу12029720_885016541576709_7788117010234968510_o
On Friday, September 18,  PARKing Day was held for the first time in Lviv. It is an international event that takes place on this day in many cities around the world. The essence of this event is to transform several parking spaces into a public space using greenery, street furniture and conducting various events there. Such spaces are already permanently established throughout the world and are called parklets. Such a temporary parklet was organized in a place of 3 parking lots on Chaykovskoho street . The road was laid out with natural lawn, plants and street furniture. Passers were very welcomed by such a transformation of the street, although some drivers were not that satisfied. The action caused a good response in the media. The event was organized with the participation of  Pixel Garden Landscaping.
День ПАРКування у Львові12006534_702887199844688_698622004084760314_o11850481_702887076511367_6387248652648642679_o
On Saturday, September 19 was held a flashmob “Space for 40 people, where on the example of one streets we compared how much space different transport occupies. Comparing cars, bus and bicycles. The result is visible on the picture. Cars were provided with the participants of the “Pidvezuinitiative.
простір для 50 осіб
In the final day of the European Mobility Week - Car free Day was held a bike street parade to show a better alternative against the car in the city. An 18 km bicycle parade was attended by over 200 participants.

Велопробіг 1ВелопробігOn Sunday, September 20 were held traditional “Children’s cycling games”. The games are aimed to prepare children for different situations on the road, to learn traffic rules, to learn navigation skills, to encourage children to cycle and promote cycling tourism. Children’s cycling games are organized by “Koleso Vitriv” cycling club.

EMW 2015 in Lviv. Year review from Mobility Lviv on Vimeo.