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Every year, since 2002, the European Mobility Week is organised from 16 to 22 September and is dedicated to sustainable mobility. The campaign is accompanied by a one-day event called “In town, without my car”.

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November 03, 2015
„Urban Cafe“ and „Urban Walk“
The planning for Karl-Liebknecht-Street in Leipzig (Germany) can be seen as a “prototype” for the planning of Bandera-Street in Lviv. In the framework of a public meeting (“Urban Café”) on November 03, 2015 the responsible planner from Leipzig has been talking about steps and results of the planning in Leipzig.
His presentation can be found here:
Immediately before the “Urban Café” the situation in Bandera-Street was analyzed during an “Urban Walk”.

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March 03 and 04, 2016
Urbanistic Workshop
Urban planners, architects and engineers from Lviv and abroad have been discussing urbanistic aspects of Bandera-Street and its surrounding.
A report about this event can be found here:

April 01, 2016
“Urban Café”
Residents of Bandera-Street and the surrounding, shop-owners, representatives of public institutions located at the street, but also citizens from all over the city discussed the following questions: What do you like in today’s Bandera-Street? What do you not like? Which wishes do you have for the future of the street? What should be avoided there?
A short report about this event can be found here:

All the answers to the questions mentioned above are fixed in this paper:

March and April, 2016
Representatives of different stakeholder-groups (residents, shop-owners, students and teachers of the Polytechnic University, etc.) were invited to gather in small groups in which they intensively discussed their needs, demands and ideas in terms of the future design of Bandera-Street. Results are summarized in this report:

May 30, 2016
Urban planners, architects and engineers came together again, this time with the aim to discuss the future design of Bandera-Street in detail. Amongst others they tried to find answers to the following questions:
Should the tram remain at the edges of the street or in future better circulate in the middle?
Can the existing trees remain?
Do cyclists better circulate on the level of the sidewalks and close to pedestrians or on the level of the road and close to the cars?
Should cars be able to overtake the tram or should the tram be quicker and go in front of the cars?
The workshop marked only the beginning of this discussion that has to be continued.
Here the sketches that have been drawn during the workshop:

May 31, 2016
Short Lectures at Lviv Polytechnic University
Lviv Polytechnic University is the largest institution located in Bandera-Street. Members of its faculties of architecture and of transport-technologies got familiar with the “Street for All”-project’s intentions in the framework of short lectures. The introduction to the event was held by the faculty of architecture’s dean.
The presentation with examples of street-design in Leipzig which was given during the event can be found here:

July 11-15, 2016
Next visit of German specialists