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Every year, since 2002, the European Mobility Week is organised from 16 to 22 September and is dedicated to sustainable mobility. The campaign is accompanied by a one-day event called “In town, without my car”.

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About Lviv

Founded in 1256, Lviv is the largest city in the Western Ukraine with the population of 750,000 people. It is an important cultural, tourist, and historical center in the country. Over 100,000 study in Lviv each year.

The public transportation system includes trams, trolleybuses, buses, and mini-buses.  1% of all trips is made by bicycle, while 20% of citizens own a bike.  In 2011, the city council adopted the first stage of the Bicycle Network Program which covers construction of 268 km of bike paths and bike lanes by the end of 2019.

In 2013 the city started to create a pedestrian zone in a UNESCO World Heritage Site – the territory of a medieval town within the former town walls.

EMW 2015 in Lviv. Year review from Mobility Lviv on Vimeo.

EMW 2014 in Lviv. Year review from Mobility Lviv on Vimeo.


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